PC15 1 Screw Card Holder Pro-Mold Brand (1)

PC15 1 Screw Card Holder Pro-Mold Brand (1)
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  • Item #: PC15
  • Manufacturer: Pro-Mold

1 - PRO MOLD ITEM #PC15. SCREWDOWN CARD HOLDER FOR CARDS UP TO 50 PT. STOCK THICKNESS. The "Cadillac" trading card holder of the Pro-Mold Line of card holders. It features arrowhead recessed corners that keep the card's corners from getting touched and damaged. This trading card holder is basically an oversized regular Pro-Mold One Screw Screwdown (about twice as thick). Strengths: Ideal for storage of those "Big Money" Cards. This is an absolutely gorgeous trading card holder that really makes the trading card stand out. This particular holder is small and compact compared to traditional style four screw screwdowns which allows for storage of many in smaller spaces particularly in monster boxes or shoe boxes. What made the one screw screwdown popular is the fact that you get all the benefits of a four screw, as far as protection of the trading card goes, but with only having to use one screw instead of four. Weaknesses: Expensive. Ideally suited for trading cards that are worth more then $50. A cheaper solution is the 1/4" thick one screw screwdowns. Some collector's prefer not to deal with screwdown holders because it's time consuming and tedious to screw together many at a time, which is why they use the snap-design holders or our new line of magnetic card holders instead. Aliases: Premium 1 Screw, Screwdowns, 1/2" Brick, PC-15

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