PC11 4 Screw Card Holder Recessed Pro-Mold Brand (1)

PC11 4 Screw Card Holder Recessed Pro-Mold Brand (1)
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  • Item #: PC11
  • Manufacturer: Pro-Mold

1 - PRO MOLD ITEM #PC11. 4 SCREW CARD HOLDER FOR CARDS UP TO NORMAL STOCK THICKNESS, with RECESSED AREA. Unlike other 4 screw screwdowns on the market, this one has a recessed area on the lid above the card that gives the card a three dimensional look. This holder has inter-locking screw holes that make it stackable. Most collectors now prefer the Pro-Mold One Screw Screwdown. Strengths: Keeps card secure for archival storage. Weaknesses: Some collectors prefer not to deal with screwdown holders because it's time consuming and tedious to put together many at a time since you have to screw them together which is why they use the one screw screwdowns, magnetic card holders or snap-design holders instead. Aliases: 4 screw screwdowns, PC-11, 81140

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