2"x2" Double Pocket Vinyl Flips w/ Inserts BCW Brand (100)

2"x2" Double Pocket Vinyl Flips w/ Inserts BCW Brand (100)
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  • Item #: VF
  • Manufacturer: BCW

Flips, also called soft vinyl flips or PVC flips, are commonly used by dealers to sell coins and by some grading services when people submit coins to them because they make it easy and safe to insert and remove coins from them and because they're inexpensive. However, regular flips are unsafe for long-term coin storage. Flips consist of PVC (polyvinylchloride, also known as vinyl), stabilizers (to prolong life), and plasticizers (to soften the plastic). Plasticizers mixed with the PCV can damage coins over time, causing PVC damage, which looks like green goo. Damage occurs faster when flips are exposed to excessive heat (above 85 degrees F.), humidity, sunlight, and mechanical bending. Early PVC damage can be removed with acetone. More severe PVC damage can corrode a coin's surfaces, causing permanent damage. On the other hand, some collectors have stored their coins in regular soft flips for decades without damaging them. Still, it's only smart to play the percentages. If you buy a coin in a soft vinyl flip, you should remove it and place it in another storage medium. One rule of thumb is that no coin should sit in a soft flip for more than six months. A twin vinyl coin holder, complete with identifying insert. Put the coin in one pocket, the insert in the other, and flip it over - the coin and its identification are inseparable! The inserts are die-cut on a sheet. - 2 x 2 Double Pocket Coin Flips with insert - High quality double pocket vinyl 2x2 coin flips - Paper inserts for easy coin identification - Insert two coins or one coin and a insert - Heavy-Duty Vinyl Material (4.5 mil) - Double polished clear finish - Material manufactured in USA - Highest weld strength attainable for this material - Straight bar seals Dimensions - Pocket 1 7/8 x 1 7/8

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